Venice on a budget of €10You end up in Venice, but travelling got you low on cash? No Problem!
Here we will talk about the best way to spend €10 in Venice and get the most bang for your buck!

  1. Cicchetti – Cost €2

    Venetian Food! (or rather, traditional Venetian snacks) which is an absolute “MUST” to try!
    There are many “Cicchetterias” around town, all pretty equally priced, to name a few:
    A. Bacarando al Orso  B. Ai Squero  C. Cantine del Vino Gia Schiavi
    There is a huge variety, so If I may recommend, try the Baccala (Dried and salted cod)!
    Venetian Cicchetti

  2. Spritz – Cost €3

    The Orange Venetian Magical Drink: Spritz is made from 3 part prosecco, 1 part soda, 2part Aperol.
    Pro Tip: There are 4 different kinds of Spritz in Venice: Aperol, Campari, Cynar and our very own Select.
    It averages at around €3, even though you can find it for €2.50 in some places, here is a list: A. Bussola  B. Ai Squero  C. Cantina Vecia Carbonera  D. Paradiso Perduto  E. Trattoria da Fiore SPRITZ Campari, Aperol, CYNAR, Select* Alternative to Spritz & Chicchetti : go to Taverna Al Remer and get Spritz + Eat All You Like Buffet for €6

  3. Gondola! – Cost €2

    Well, technically it’s called a traghetto! I mean, how can you come to Venice and not experience a gondola? A traghetto will act like a bridge and take you from one side of the Grand Canal to the other. runs till 19:00

  4. Gelato Cost €2

    I scream for Icecream! Suso Pistacchio and Salt, WHAT?! Yes, probably the most unique flavours can be found here!
    Suso Icecream in Venice

  5. Coffe – Cost €1

    Having only one euro left to spend on this list, Get a coffee! Not only is will you try real Italian flavour, but, buying a cup of black gold also acts like a ticket to use the bathroom of a restaurant, and surprisingly is cheaper than the public WC. Personal coffee recommendation would be “Caffe Ginseng”.
    Coffee shops: A. Marchini Time  B. Rosa Salva

Total €10
Yep with TEN EUROS you drank the infamous Spritz, ate Cicchetti, took a Gondola Ride and even topped it off with a unique Ice Cream!

But what about the best things money can’t buy?
Want to sail the waters of the lagoon for free, or get up to see the city from sky high without paying a cent, how about visiting the Doges palace without buying a ticket? Venice Tips and Hacks coming in the next article.

Basilica San Marco
Correr and Doges Palace
Boats to SPA islands (Bauer) (GOCO) (Kempinski)
Libreria di Aqua Alta
Fondaco dei Tedeschi

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